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Healthy. Happy.

A Healthy Puppy. A Happy Puppy.

We go to great lengths and beyond to ensure that your Olde English Pocket Beagle is in excellent health.

How do you know your puppy is the breed that we say it is?  A Certificate of Registration certifies that your companion is pure in breed.  If you would like your puppy microchipped, please contact us for more information.

Before shipping, our licensed veterinarian will perform a final and thorough examination to ensure the health of the puppy.  You will receive a physical copy of this certificate.  

Upon delivery, all deworming and vaccinations are up-to-date. Your veterinarian will determine their continued vaccination schedule into adulthood.

Your puppy is guaranteed for one year from the date of birth against hereditary and congenital disorders that may interfere with the puppy's ability to live a normal life.

Caring for Your New Puppy

A licensed veterinarian and their staff are the best source of information about your puppy's health and well-being, and should be considered as a primary source of information and recommendations.

Holding your puppy for the first time is such a special moment.  Sharing your life with a puppy is good for the soul, but it can be challenging, too!  You've probably been reading and researching about your new companion already, but here is some information that we share with all of our new parents.

Let's Eat!

With so many food choices out there, it can be a little confusing to decide which one works best for your puppy. Which kind should I get? We have researched many types of food, and excellent foods include Royal Canin and NutriSource. Animals should never eat people food. A good diet is a balance, just like it is for us! Only your veterinarian can tell you exactly what your puppy needs, but any one thing shouldn't be their entire diet. Be sure to read labels about portions and consult with your veterinarian about eating habits and eating problems. However, puppies eat lots of small helpings throughout the day. In my experience, it is better to make sure they have access to food at all times.


As your puppy matures, raised food and water bows are probably the best choice for several reasons. Standing while eating as they get older keeps their head above their digestive tract, aiding in digestion.  Also, raised bowls do not get knocked over!  Puppies are little, so having the bowls directly on the floor are okay.  Your puppy should not eat off of any type of plate. The top of a bowl should sit level with their lower chest.  Don't forget to wash their dishes regularly!

Dry Food

Dry food is great for dental health, and doesn't stay on and in-between the teeth for very long.  Dry food will be the main part of your puppy's diet into adulthood.

Semi-Moist & Moist Food

Wet food is great for those finicky days!  Moist (wet) puppy food is easy to digest, but spoils easily if not stored correctly.  Semi-moist food doesn't need to be refrigerated, but it can get expensive.  Moist and semi-moist food should not be the primary part of any puppy's diet.  These types of foods can stay in-between teeth longer, possibly leading to dental issues if overused, and contains lower nutrient levels.

        Low Blood Sugar

Hypoglycemia is a serious concern for any puppy.  Have you ever become shaky or lightheaded because you forgot to eat?  It isn't a large concern for people, because our livers can compensate for the imbalance.  However, puppies need to eat often, and are easily affected if their blood sugar drops.  You need to be familiar with the symptoms and how to treat it.  If your puppy appears weak, wobbly, trembles, or is disoriented, you need to do something!  You are their first-aid responder.  Low blood sugar is easy to treat and reverse in your home.  Please consult your veterinarian about hypoglycemia.  Without your help, prolonged symptoms will result in very serious situations.


Puppies sleep a lot! Almost every puppy will growl in their sleep, but don't worry, they're probably just chasing a bunny or have found a playful friend. Your sleeping schedule won't be completely thrown off when you are a new puppy parent, but theirs will! They are in a new environment, with new smells, sounds, and new faces. The stress of the new environment can even be upsetting to their digestive system. However, when it is time to go to bed, many people either let their puppy sleep wherever they like, or use crate training. Of course, we are happy to help create your puppies perfect place to nap during the day.

Crate Training

There are many resources available when considering crate training.  You should always do your research before training your new friend!  Your veterinarian may have tips that have worked well for others, or you could consult various online sources, books, and advice from friends.

Low Blood Sugar_icon.jpeg
Vet Policy

The puppy you have selected is guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. To keep this guarantee in force, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within five days of delivery. During the exam, should your vet find this puppy to be a poor health risk or detect any physical health problems that would require further care other than required vaccinations and/or wormings, you must contact us immediately. We are not responsible for this, or any other vet services rendered by your veterinarian.

Genetic Guarantee

Your puppy is guaranteed for one year from the date of birth against hereditary and congenital disorders that may interfere with the puppy's ability to live a normal life.  In the event of such an occurrence, we will happily replace your puppy upon availability.

Down Payments

If for any reason we are unable to deliver your puppy, your down payment will be refunded.

Refund / Replace

We are not responsible for any environmental issues, as we are not in control of their environment outside of our home. Because of this, our policy is one of replacement, not refund.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the information and policies listed on this page.

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