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Do I Have to Keep the Name?

Nope! The puppy names listed on my website are temporary names I give to them for the sake of clear communication. I only call them "puppy" in person... Well, sometimes "pupperoni" or "poopydoopy". You are free to to name your furry friend whatever you like! You will receive an application to register your puppy, that is where you will give your pup the name of your choice. The certificate that will be mailed back to you from the registry will have the official name of your choosing printed on it.


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What do I feed my new pup?

I will have your puppy on solid food when you receive him/her. I feed them Tuffys Puppy, and recommend transitioning to NutriSource or Royal Canin. Tuffys makes NutriSource, but it's not always readil

New Website! but don't worry, its still me :)

As you may have noticed I have a new website! The new site has the option to pay your down payment directly from the puppy listing. This makes it much more convenient for the both of us, now you're no


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