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Grooming: Nails

Grooming you pal's nails can seem like a daunting task.  So many people do not do this because they don't know how or they are too nervous to attempt it, despite how important it is.If their nails get too long, they can break, which is usually pretty painful.  It can also lead to an infection!  Long nails can also lead to an irregular gait, which can result in skeletal damage.  With a puppy, their nails are tiny and thin.  Visit with your vet to know how and when to trim!When it's time for trimming, you need canine nail clippers.  There are a few different styles, but the most common are a guillotine style and a scissor style.  Most people find that the guillotine style works best when trimming is done regularly.  If you don't trim their nails for a period of time, they begin to curl, and that's where the scissor style comes in.Trimming too short cuts into the quick of the nail, and the nail will bleed (not to mention how much it hurts!!)The most helpful thing you can do is associate it with things they like!

The George Washington University of Veterinarian Medicine has a great article on nail trimming.


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