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How Much is that Puppy in the Window?

Like most, I am sure you are wondering what determines the price of our puppies. Let me start by saying we price our puppies individually based on various factors. Let me explain them for you. First, size. After years of experience and continued relationships with families who have received their puppy from us, I am able to give you an educated guess that generally turns out to be spot on. There are some tell tale signs when a puppy will be (stay) extra small. First, his/her ears will not lengthen at the same time as the littermates, its usually a couple weeks later. I can also judge by the parents and grandparents, past litters, among other indicators. Second, color and markings. We strive for the classic traditional beagle features, like the tricolor and blaze (white stripe between the eyes). We do occasionally get a chocolate, lemon, red, silver and even lilac and hare-pi. While those are all attractive colors, our favorite is, hands down, the traditional tricolor. Third, physical attributes. This includes a variety of things, such as confirmation, ear length, short legs, boxy chest, etc.. We make sure all of our moms and dads are as close to perfect as possible so that they will pass down these features. More important than anything listed above is HEALTH. Every puppy that leaves here is backed by a guarantee against any life altering genetic issues. Above all else we want our puppies happy and healthy. We are adamant about our adult dogs' health and wellbeing, and that, in turn, produces superior puppies. 


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