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How Soon is too Soon?

Many times I am asked "When can I give my puppy a bath after recieving him/her?" As soon as you get home! I give your new buddy a bath right before transport, but during the flight or car ride they often get motion sickness. This will leave a mess in their crate so that will also need rinsed out. Bathing your puppy will start the bond that you will carry for the life of your pet. When they look at you with those sweet beagle eyes as you're drying them off you can almost see yourself and your pup falling in love. So let's face it, it feels great to take a long bath after traveling and animals are no different, so grab a warm towel and get soapy!


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New Website! but don't worry, its still me :)

As you may have noticed I have a new website! The new site has the option to pay your down payment directly from the puppy listing. This makes it much more convenient for the both of us, now you're no


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