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My Dad

Ed Walker, 91 years old, Korean War Vet, my dad.

When he could no longer live alone I moved him in with us. This was just over Memorial Day weekend in 2021! Such a strong, independent man who needed a little help. The kids loved him being here, and so did I. He was such a help to entertain Macy and Carter while I was busy, and always had input on the dogs even though his eyesight mostly failed him. In just a few short months his health began to decline, having a "significant" heart attack, as the nurses said to me. He eventually needed help with basic tasks, such as showering, taking his medication, and pouring his tea. I could see the man I always thought to be the strongest person I had ever known become completely dependent on me. This was tough on so many levels. In his last days I was helping him in and out of bed and back and forth to the ER. We all caught covid at my brothers service and he seemingly didn't have any symptoms. After a few trips to the ER he was diagnosed with pneumonia on Carters 3rd birthday. I talked to his nurse a few times a day to check on him and his progress. It was going good until day 3. I got a call from his nurse saying he was struggling a little with his O2 saturation. She didn't seem panicked so I said a prayer for him and waited to call her later that afternoon. However, I got a call 45 minutes later with devastating news. He was gone. Just like that. I would've told you I was mentally prepared for the worst, but I was wrong. We are still reeling from the loss of my brother, now I am making phone calls to cancel doctor appointments, VA medications, and his cell phone. The last few days has felt unreal as I am the last one left of my immediate family. Such a strange feeling. What an impact he has had on me as a person, you'd never know he wasn't my biological father, and neither would I had my mom not told me as a kid. Macy and Carter don't understand why Papaw and Bubba (my brother) aren't here. They aren't sad, just confused. Saylor has struggled, which I expected. We are making it, one day at a time. I know the Lords timing is perfect, but it's still a tough pill to swallow. This too shall pass.

We sure love you Papaw. I know you can see clearly now, the rain is gone


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