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Summertime Dog Tips

Summer is almost here!!!  Please remember these two summer tips when the heat rolls around.

Burned Foot Pads

Unless your dog wears shoes, then they are barefoot!!  Sidewalks, patios, streets, sand, and other surfaces can burn your dog's foot pads (just like it would burn your feet).  Walk your dog in the morning or in the evening when surfaces are cool.  If you aren't sure, press your hand onto the surface for 30 seconds to test.  If it is painful for your feet or hands, then it will be painful for theirs!!

Dry Skin

Did you know dogs can get mild sunburns?  If you are outside and starting to get a sunburn, chances are your friend is getting one as well.  The tips of the ears, skin around the mouth and nose will be the first places that burn.  If your dog will be outside without access to shade, apply a waterproof sunscreen (to the areas listed above) formulated for babies or pets.


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