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USDA Inspected & Certified

Updated: May 9

We are licensed by the USDA, which means we meet the qualifications and standards to practice breeding and raising canines. They govern our facility and impose rules and regulations that we must follow to be able to offer our puppies to you. This includes surprise inspections, written back up plans in case of emergency, a reasonable amount of food and water on hand in case of a shortage, an account for every dog on site, born and sold. Which brings me to a form called the "record of disposition". This form is required to be signed when the puppy leaves my hands, whether that is you the buyer who takes the puppy from me, or someone who is delivering your puppy to you or to the airport. There are 3 copies, 1 for me, 1 for USDA, and 1 for the person taking the puppy from my hands. This is usually the only time I need to discuss USDA with someone purchasing a pet from me, but whether you buy from me or not, always ask your breeder if they are licensed to avoid supporting any puppy mills. Attached is my own USDA license. Licensing approval is difficult and the reason many businesses operate illegally.


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