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Will my pocket beagle be vaccinated?

Absolutely, yes! I have a schedule that I follow for vaccinations and de-wormings, so whether you get your puppy when it's 8 weeks old, or 8 months old I will keep it up to date.

I start puppies out at 2 weeks old to de-worm using Pyrantel, then again at 4 weeks old. At 5 weeks old I will give them their NeoPar vaccine. This is specifically to guard against Parvovirus. When they're 6 weeks old I use Panacur to de-worm for 3 consecutive days, and again at 8 weeks old. They will recieve their first traditional booster shot at 8 weeks as well, its DAPPv-1.

Generally speaking vets will give puppy shots in increments of 4 weeks. So they'll more than likely get another booster at 12 weeks, then once more at 16 weeks. At that point they are typically vaccinated yearly. Depending on which rabies vaccinations your vet uses, they will likely get that shot at 12-16 weeks old. It takes 2 weeks for a shot to be in full effect after recieving it, which is why I give them a NeoPar shot at 5 weeks, so that it will be fully effective by the time they are weaned.

Remeber to take the vaccination record you recieve with your puppy to your vet so they can see what I have given and when I gave it. This will tell them what they need give and when they need to give it.


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