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Wintertime Dog Tips


  • Olde English Pocket Beagles are a hardy breed, however their coat isn't as thick as other breeds.  If you and your pal spend a lot of time outside, consider some clothes for the little buddy!  And ALWAYS use a leash in the winter.

Watch Out For Salt

  • Salt and other chemicals that are used in the winter will irritate their pads.  Wipe paws with a damp cloth to remove the salt, and also to prevent it getting licked up and irritating their mouth.​


  • Be careful to not overdo it!  They can get frostbite just like we can, and can often be hidden beneath their fur.

Paw Patrol

  • Check their paws for signs of irritation or cracking.  Pet-specific foot balm is for this.  Check in-between toes for stuck ice or packed snow.

Good Samaritan

  • If you see a homeless animal or an animal tied up outdoors without shelter, take a moment to call the animal shelter or Humane Society.  Winter is a terrible thing for an unfortunate or mistreated animal.


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